Does anyone know if there is a place in Marlin where you can void

Does anyone know if there is a place in Marlin where you can void out the endstop ports?

I have the inductive sensor working correctly but the port for my z endstop min still will not register anything. I am guessing that the board just isn’t getting connection anymore because it isn’t getting contact for some reason.

But the other possibility is that I screwed up something I didn’t know was there in Marlin and it is just voiding out the status of that endstop port.

In my experience, you can disable endstops that you aren’t using and may cause you errors (endstops that you don’t use and aren’t physically connected to the board).

First, send the gcode M119 (get endstop status) to see which ports are “open” (not activated) and “TRIGGERED” (activated).

If some of the ports that are triggered aren’t supposed to be so, you have to change the invert endstop setting in Marlin. In my case, I have found that endstops that I didn’t even had where sending triggered signals and screwing homing and autoleveling.

Hope it helps, let me know.

@Diego_Trapero I unfortunately have to use the z_min port for autoleveling. I have always had a problem with that port where the endstop switch temporarily stopped reading. I thought it was a bad endstop switch and I kept replacing them. But now the port itself is completely dead. I just ordered a new Ramps shield for $13 so hopefully that will fix the issue. Thank you though!!

I think you can also fix the problem changing the configuration, by changing the z_min pin to a working pin (file pins.h) and then deactivating the former z_min pin with the procedure of my previous comment.

Also, I assume that you know that if you are supplying the inductive sensor more than 5 volts you cannot use the signal directly on the z_min port, because you will damage the board.

@Diego_Trapero I think that it is more of a mechanical problem with the board. Are you saying that I could deactivate that port and then use say z_max as the z min port by changing it in pins_h?

And yes I am using the 12v for the fan extruder pinout and the. Have a resistor line set up that steps the voltage down to 5v back in the signal and ground of the endstops.

Yes, what I suggest is what you say in your first paragraph.

About the second paragraph, it may be interpreted from it that you have connected 5volts to the ground pin. You haven’t, right? Just to be sure.

@Diego_Trapero no I have it wired up correctly. The ground is going to the ground for the endstop pins and the signal goes to the signal. And the power is coming in from the extruder fan port (split off wire)

I am a beginner with the arduino software. I want to get to pins.h but it isn’t on the top bar of files and when I hit the pull down it isn’t there either. How do I get to it?