Does anyone know how to fix this

Does anyone know how to fix this

I have a prusa i2 with marlin and an e3d hotend with a .4 mm nozzle. I am using the latest version of slic3r

How well is your e-stepper calibrated?

Is that 1 base layer? Do consecutive layers yield similar results?

Generally solid layers do that but I have had prints without that problem and it confuses me

What layer thickness?


Tell slic3r your nozzle is 0.37. I call it underclocking.

Have you calibrated your filament feed rate (e steps)?

Is it filament dependant? Might be slight differences in feed rate

Slic3r parameters setting problems.

Yet another vote for your e-steps being off…

I’m looking into it

It appears as if my esteps were off by fifteen or so. I’m printing the same cube now to see the results

Take a look on the extuder bolt. Probably it is not tight enough and it is not transmitting well the torque from the motor to the filament

Thanks! I got it fixed

Ethan, how you fixed the problem? I have a similar problem. Thanks

I lowered the nozzle to the bed and calibrated my e steps

Thanks for your answer :smiley: