Does anyone know how to edit stl files?

Does anyone know how to edit stl files? I like downloading stuff from Thingiverse but sometimes there are parts that I don’t want and can’t figure out how to edit the parts. I use Creo at work and would like to just use this software if possible. I’m just unable to edit the files. I’ve tried changing them to step files, igus files and even prt files but haven’t had any luck. Any help is appreciated.

Blender’s quite good at this; import the STL file and manipulate at will. There’s a big initial learning curve, but once you get used to it it’ll do pretty much whatever you want. :slight_smile: And it’s completely free!

try the 3d builder app in windows, it works suprisingly well for re-sizing, slicing off a section, etc.

I have done it a few times in Sketchup also.

Try tinkercad or onshape

I believe they both support importing stl files and they are web based so you can access them anywhere.

Sketch up add on

With a few extra steps in the learning process, Fusion 360 will work for modding an STL. Meshmixer should be included in this list too. Anyone using SketchUp to edit an STL file deserves what he gets. SketchUp is notorious for creating broken STL files from the start.

Several options, awesome. Thanks guys. I’ll check these out.

Instep, convert STL’s to step files and edit in whatever CAD program you choose.

Reminds me that I used this site to convert CAD file format a few times:

There is a ThingVerse “project” to convert STL to an OpenSCAD file. It doesn’t break the model down, but rather brings it in as a poly object. I have used it to add features to other objects.

@Kevin_Danger_Powers ​ Fusion 360 is the best free sketch based one I have used, try many to see what suits your thought process.

Never heard of Creo but there’s a way to do that in fusion 360 you can turn stl into solid. Look for brep to mesh or is it the other way around I forgot but thats the function you want

Another free one is trueSpace. Like blender you import STL’s and edit at will. Even allows you to remove the triangulated faces. A bit of a learning curve but very powerful and fast.

@FreeCAD ​ can import stls and convert to a proper part. You can edit in freecad or export to Creo.

I also recommend meshmixer. IT IS awesome at editing Mesh.