Does anyone know cheap, small stepper driver boards >3A?

Does anyone know cheap, small stepper driver boards


A4988’s for 2A. I think Polulu has a drv something or other for 2.5.

3A means something like 3.5A or 4A.
I have a 4th axis with a 3A high-torque, longneck stepper that I currently us on the large 6040 but also want to use on the small 3040. But the 3040 has a 1.2A driver for the 4th axis and 1.5A drivers for X,Y and Z.

I could buy
and it would have compatible plugs since it’s the same manufacture.
But Driving a 3A stepper on a 3.0A driver doesn’t leave me with any headroom.

Right, reading fail. I was wondering why you of all people wouldn’t think of polulus.

Well, I don’t care what chip the driver board uses as long as I find a cheap source (incl. shipping).

In the Polulu shop I can’t find anything >2A.

I guess I’ll try my luck on AliExpress this evening

I might try slapping a heavy heat sink and some thermal paste on a polulu…

There already is a heavy heat sink for the existing 1.2A driver that I want to replace.
Why would I do that just so it’s a Polulu driver?
There ARE cheap 3A drivers out there.

the L6490 BOB-10859 Sparkfun could be a good choice…

3A and $35. I guess the carving-cnc offer above for 3A $20 with already the right connectors is better.
I’ll look for something with 3.5A or 4A later today.

you can piggybag the L293 chip. Just solder one ic on another to double the load. Should be the cheapest method, but maybe additional cooling makes sense.