Does anyone know a trick how to order at Misumi as an private Person?

Does anyone know a trick how to order at Misumi as an private Person?

Just order. You don’t need to be a company.

On phone and mail i got an other information from them :frowning:
Then i will try and error :slight_smile:

My be they are more narrow minded when it comes to this here in germany (misumi europe).

@Florian_Schutte you may use instead ( much cheaper, provided you want aluminium extrusions)

The only reason for me to order at misumi are the 32T 10mm pulleys without collar.

I was afraid that could be the case. You can get the ones from robotdigg, get rid of the collar and glue them to the rods (dirty job I know).

That is one way i also thought about. I allready ordered at robotdigg. I think i will give it a try. Im tired of searching this pulleys :slight_smile:

Claim you are a business.  let you conscience be your guide.

@D_Rob yup. I am Lien3D to many places :wink:

I’m using the robotdigg pullies unmachined, they take up a nontrivial amount of envelope. :frowning:

The perk of screws is there are pockets in each corner that are unusable that are around the right size for my pulleys.

I guess a metal saw, a 10mm rod and a hand drill can be used to split the collar from the pulley. My guess is the pulley can be superglued to the rod, but I haven’t done that myself.

Clamp on a small section of 10mm rod with the set screw. Lock that in the drill press. Use a hack saw like a cut off tool. Done!

@Mike_Miller ​ true but the motor mounts would require being redesigned because the belt would be in the wrong spot by the distance of the collar.

@Eclsnowman That wouldn’t bother me much. I’m really not all that precise. It’s also why I’ve got plywood holding down the motors/controllers/power supply…easy to re-drill and move things around.