Does anyone here use BotQueue? It sure looks interesting,

Does anyone here use BotQueue? It sure looks interesting, but is it better/easier to use than something like OctoPrint? @Gina_Haussge , what are your thoughts?

I’d say it targets a different use case. #OctoPrint aims at providing control and real-time feedback regarding your (one, more with multiple instances) printer’s current state and a print job’s progress. Botqueue, as I understand it, aims more at implementing the complete workflow plus queue management but focuses less on monitoring the individual printers. So… I guess what’s easier to use depends on your use case here :slight_smile: If you want printer and printjob management in the cloud, Botqueue is probably the better option. If you want to put your printer in the basement, start a print job and know all the time what’s happening with that specific printer and job, OctoPrint might be the better idea. Btw, guess what my use case was :wink:

Ah, I hadn’t thought about it that way! I see Adafruit has RasPi’s back in stock, and I have a spare webcam, so I’m hoping to be using OctoPrint very soon! It would be interesting to see something someday where the two programs are working together in some fashion. Then, if for some reason a print in a printer farm has failed, the user can remotely stop just that printer.