Does anyone have experience with the INK1003 12v LEDs that Ray Wu is selling?

Does anyone have experience with the INK1003 12v LEDs that Ray Wu is selling? I am asking about how the strips work over 12 volts and if power drop out is as bad as it is on the 5v WS2812 strips?

From the datasheet, it looks like it should be WS2812 compatible. I have a vague sense that someone tried using the library with it and it worked, but I can’t find the emails.

That they’re 12v is very very very interesting to me, though - I may want to snag some!

Ray lists two versions a 5v and a 12v. I think the 12v would be much easier to get working with battery packs on my RC projects.

Whoa, that picture is weird. The strip has both a 12v and a 5v label.

Ah ha. There are 12->5v regulators on the back of the strips. If you squint at the photos you can see them. (And there are some other people on the internet talking about them)

Caveat, this is cursory glancing at the internet. No hands on experience.

Thanks for the info.

One of the lit up images on Wu’s site shows something attached to the back of the strip about every 10-20 LEDs. My guess is that this circuit is a dc-dc converter.
So now I wonder what happens if I cut the strip before or after the converter? I’m going to order a set (after Chinese New Year is over) to figure it out.

@Daniel_Garcia In searching this community and now reading this post, I gather no one took you up on your offer to tweak the library if they sent you an INK1003 based strip to test with ( )
Let me know either way as these things are becoming quite readily available at places as diverse as Home Depot.
Maybe I can chip in to the cause and get you something to test/develop with.


Oh, BTW, I have one of these strips in front of me. From Home Depot that is, not Ray Wu.

For laughs, try using ws2812 as the led type and see if it works. In the meantime, can you send me a link to what Home Depot has for these things?

@Daniel_Garcia I’ll do that and get back to you, probably in a couple of days. Where do you want me to post results, here?

As for the Home Depot source, I’m in Canada so here’s the exact model and P/N

It’s in store only here which may explain why I couldn’t find them on the US Home Depot website.
I tried a quick Google search for variations on the brand/model, but no luck so far. Though “Illume” shows up a lot on Alibaba.

Oh, here’s a photo of the insert in the clear plastic packaging.

I can now confirm that the INK1003 works. More here.