Does anyone have experience with products from 3D Thermoplastics?

Does anyone have experience with products from 3D Thermoplastics? The prices look good and they have a very nice selection of stuff, free shipping on a $75 order, american made - wheres the catch? (not that I am naturally suspicious or anything ;))

US only

Honestly, don’t put no-name plastics through tiny nozzles. If you’ve got a 0.5mm nozzle, by all means, go for it. If you’ve got a 0.35, don’t even touch it.

@ThantiK but how do they get a name? In order to for them to stop being a no-name, somebody has to test it.

@Whosa_whatsis I didn’t say don’t test it…I said don’t test it with a tiny nozzle.

And I say Do test obviously bad (not referring to this filament he mentioned) filament on a Large nozzle. :smiley: I wanna see how bad the filament can be and have it work for a large nozzle because I want to someday make my own or bypass filament.

Did anyone notice they don’t know what FDM stands for? Their site say’s “Filament Driven Machines”, which doesn’t even make sense. Also, those rolls look suspiciously like to stuff I get from China at $35 including shipping.

Chinese stuff here:
I’ve bought 4 or 5 rolls and I’ve had no problems, even with a 0.35 nozzle.

Well I ordered a couple of kilos of abs - its actually free shipping on a $50 order at the moment apparently so 2 rolls of abs = $54 with their current sale and free shipping - I will take a chance on it. I also requested some samples of their other products.

Got a tracking number this morning fed ex says wed delivery - so certainly can’t fault the speed of their shipping.