does anyone have a list of keyboard shortcuts for Jog X/Y/Z and others?

does anyone have a list of keyboard shortcuts for Jog X/Y/Z and others?

I did find: (@Jorge_Robles provide)
Y - Axis - Alt+Up, Alt+Down or numb(8)/numb(2)
X - Axis - Alt+Left, Alt+Right or numb(3)/numb(6)
Z - Axis - Ctrl+Alt+UP, Ctrl+Alt+Down or numb(+)/numb(-)
A - Axis - Ctrl+Alt+Left, Ctrl+Alt+Right or numb(divide)/numb(mult)

It would be nice to have Steps at Multiply by 10, Divide by 10. Send, Pause, Abort, Set Zero, Go to Zero, Feed rate +10, -10. Home, Macro support…

@Jorge_Robles do we have a list somewhere?

I found that a simple USB Keypad and you can create a really cheap either wired or wireless pendant. lets you address keyboards separately. So, keys don’t conflict with regular keyboard commands. I got one today and have been using it on UGS. UGS is okay but is very limited when it comes to file sizes and obviously there is no direct SVG support. I’d really like to use LaserWeb for everything. I have it running my Laser CNC but I would love to do more with my router.

I thought were posted somewhere G+, but cannot find right now. So this are the main bindings

Awesome! That helps. At least I know the Z up/dn bindings now.

I updated the OP for a starting point.

@Ken_Campbell Your timing is just perfect. :slight_smile: I need these shortcuts in the next days (I’ve got all parts for my USB remote).
In addition to your list I need “Set Zero” for each axis, “Home” and “Check size”.

Have you seen this project? I accually had 3 of the boards made. Sounds exactly what you are trying to do. It is kind of a man in the middle. It gives you an LCD DRO and 14 addressable buttons. I could sell you one of the boards for $10 and shipping. (not populated)

Hardware is done. Still a bit rough around the corners, but it works. Next step is assigning the keystrokes to the buttons. :slight_smile:

No display but a couple of buttons. :wink:

@Jorge_Robles I’m running into problems with Ctrl+Alt+UP and Ctrl+Alt+DOWN for the Z axis. That keymapping is already assigned (commonly) to Video Card Display Orientation. Can we get that changed to Alt+PGUP and Alt+PGDN? That would be numb(9)/numb(3) on a keypad.

Ok, I got my wireless pendant programmed up. Currently only the few keymaps in Laserweb work. I have made all of the same keymaps in UGS. All of the buttons work in UGS. It is a beautiful thing.

The labels are currently printed with a Dymo labler. I made custom icons in Inkscape and imported as images. I will be doing them in color using color laser printer. I will have black backgrounds. I will print the backside with all black so the actual button letters don’t show through. Then i will use clear satin spray paint on the top and spray adhesive on the back.

I’m going to do an Instructable when I am done.

Cool :slight_smile:

Ok, so here it is with the new labels.

The labels I created with Inkscape. I mocked up the keyboard with labels. I printed the front in color on a color laser and the backside in solid black. I wouldn’t try with an inkjet. You could also slowly with very light coats spray paint the back black. The goal is to keep the key numbers from showing through. It also helps to make the labels more durable.

The front, I spray painted clear satin, again very light coats. Too heavy on the first few and you lose the white. Ask me how I know. Lots of coats, again for durability. Then I sprayed the back with two coats of Gorilla spray adhesive. I let that dry tacky, 2-3 min and put wax paper on that. Next I cut out the keys and applied. Finally I lightly traced the edges with a sharpie to get rid of the white edges

The nice thing about using is there are no limits to your layout. I only used the NUM LOCK version of keys because that is the default setting for the keypad. All of the keys are addressable both num lock and non. You could also use multiple keypads or keyboards. Each HID is addressed separately. I will be posting an Instructable.

Big oops! I got my X and Y labels backwards. Have to reprint them tomorrow.

@Ken_Campbell are you using a combination of keyboard shortcuts and the mouse move functions to control the GUI with AutoHotKey?

Hello everyone. I have been away from my CNC for quite a while. I moved to a new house a few months ago and I’m just now getting my shop set back up. I have read through the post but I haven’t seen any thing regarding keymappings or keyboard shortcuts. Have there been any updates I may have missed?

@Ken_Campbell Here you go: