Does anyone have a high resolution copy of this schematic?

Does anyone have a high resolution copy of this schematic? It only zooms in a little, and I can’t read most of the tiny writing as well as some of the legend.

At the bottom of this page you will find the details for the board.

Maybe you can answer this, I have a level shifter, and I know one set of bidirectional pins gets attached to L on the PSU and then a pin on the board (I’m using the X5), one goes from the 3.3V on the board to the 3.3v on the shifter out to 5V on the PSU, but this schematic only shows a ground going from the 5V side of the level shifter to the PSU. Does the X5 not also get a ground connection on the 3.3v side?

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Thank you! I totally forgot about that post.

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The part in the schematic that was confusing me is the color coded area below the level shifter, but the more I look at it, it looks like the green lines are just indicating pins on the smoothie board.

Yes that why I liked to the original schematic on smoothie

Ok. This is what I’ve figured based on Alex’s post:

PSU 5V ==> Level Shifter 5V

3.3V Level Shifter ==> 3.3v pin on X5 board

PSU L ==> one of the bi-directional spots on level shifter (5V side)

Bi-directonal spot on level shifter (3.3v side) ==> Hot End NEG terminal

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@Alex_Krause Hi Alex. I have a quick question for you. I have everything wired up, and the Laser On/Off switch works, as does the test switch. At the moment I’m foregoing the pot since I had to order a different one for my non-stock PSU. I’m controlling via LaserWeb, and I can’t get the laser to fire. Can you take a look at my post right above yours to see if that looks correct? I’m wondering if I’ve got my level shifter wrong. Also, what codes are you using for Laser On and Laser Off? In the settings tab of LaserWeb3 it says those are optional and that it can pull the codes from firmware, but when I generate G-Code via the CAM tab I get no on/off commands, just straight moves.

Can you also upload your config file to Google drive so I can peak at it

Here’s the file.

You’ll see the Laser PWM pin set at 2.5. I originally had it at 2.5!, and when that didn’t work I swapped it.

Ok, so I figured I’d see if mine needed to be grounded, and I grounded both from the PSU to the LS and from the LS to the X5. No dice.


@K1111 ​ remove the # at the beginning of those lines and change that 20 to 200… it should work after that if your level shifter is wired in the right direction

You have all the settings that controller the laser Commented out

@Alex_Krause I really suck at this, LOL. Thank you again!

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