Does anybody know if this power supply can replace the stock K40 supply?

Does anybody know if this power supply can replace the stock K40 supply? It doesn’t have any real documentation listed and I can’t seem to read the labels from the picture so I figured I’d see if anybody here has used a similar one as a replacement.

Not really any specs with the listing, or for that matter decent photos of the connections.

I’m reaching here due to the lack of info, but my best guess it that it will work, but you will have to add a 5v supply to power the onboard controller. The “factory” k40 supply is a basic 15kv 30ma supply, but has the extra output. It’s no big deal, it’s a cheap fix - I’ll link you to a suitable supply below.

Be warned the pin out IS NOT the same, so you won’t be just plugging it in. It looks like the larger 4 pin will be a plug in, but the control lines are different than MY k40 (I guess there are variations)

In mine, the leftmost connector is 2 pin ( P+ Gnd), Next is a 3 pin(K-,K+), and a 3 pin - (GND, LN, 5v)Note-this is the 5v supply mentioned. This connector also has the gnd to pair with the K pins.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen exact replacements for $100-$125, these will plug right in. By the time you retrofit the 5v supply and repin the connectors, it may be well worth the extra 20 or 30 bucks.

Good luck

Drop in K40 supply $100.

5v 6a power supply. Smaller ones are available, but this is better quality. There are many.

Awesome! Thank you for the info.

Glad to help, hope you get it running soon.