Does anybody have a source for a new Y-axis stepper motor?

Does anybody have a source for a new Y-axis stepper motor? I can’t find anything that’s dual shaft, 0.9 degree steps (400 steps/rev), and 4-wire.

If you can get the model number of the dead stepper motor, it would help in searching for a replacement.

@funinthefalls The model number on the sticker is 42-2100C08S/SH. Unfortunately when I Google that I don’t find anything.

Edit:sorry was 1.8deg

Amazon has this one that should fit the bill:

This one is correct:

@funinthefalls Thanks! I just ordered that one. I’ll update this thread when I receive it and install it.

Glad I could help.

Ok, I measured the physical motor in the laser and compared to the spec sheet. The one that I ordered is smaller. I think I can 3D print a coupler to account for that, however, I’m wondering if that also means the lower current rating will be doable. The version that matches the size of what’s in the laser (but of course isn’t so available) can handle over double the current. Is 0.22A going to be enough, or will it burn out the motor? I will of course find out by trial and error when it arrives, but until then…

I think it should be OK, the steppers do very little work in the K40’s

the y axis motor doesnt take much to get going as it doesnt have to move as fast as the x one does(at least for rastering). I bought some 17HS8401B as backups replacements, very quiet and effective. I already replaced my x motor with a 17HS13-0404S and its crazy quieter than the original! Hope that helps :slight_smile: