Does a shuttle express pendant work with TinyG v8 or Shapeoko 3?

hello everyone,

I got a shuttle express pendant a while back and I am wondering if the shuttle express pendant will work on a TinyG v8 board or a shapeoko 3 board? (with chilipepper)

It seems the tutorial on chilipepper is for a raspberry pi setup?


The video on YouTube shows how to compile it. The question may be the drivers

Hi John, Thanks for the reply. Have you heard or seen anyone successfully install or have gotten the shuttle express working with cnc boards I mentioned above?

ShuttleExpress in my video on Youtube is working fine on my TinyG v8. I don’t recall if I’ve heard of anybody doing it with Shapeoko board.

Hello. did you make the shuttle express work with the tinyg? i have the same problem on how to install it.

Yes, I did get the Shuttle express to work, but it was many years ago. I tend to use my ESP32 ChiliPeppr joystock more often now.