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I’m beginning a build of a machine using tinyg, and was planning on using chilipeppr to control it. I’ve found, though, that it seems to be patched together using a bunch of third-party services. Cloud9 no longer works. Examples I’ve found regarding jsfiddle no longer apply. Documentation on no longer applies. I can definitely figure it out, but I’m worried I’m going to spend a ton of effort sorting through this only to find that the application relies on another service that changed, went under, or that someone decided wasn’t the right choice anymore. This takes dependency problems to another level, I feel - correct me if I’m wrong, but I almost feel like it would make more sense to interface directly with serial port JSON server or try re-working cncjs rather than try and keep up with changes here. I really love the concept of chilipeppr, but the number of false starts and time wasted trying to remap things I’ve found onto what actually exists is frustrating. I’m not experienced enough with any of this to contribute towards a solution, or tell anyone what the best way to do things is, but I have been part of many OSS communities over the past two decades and have a pretty decent idea of how other projects are managed and documented, and have never come across something like this.
I guess I’m wondering whether there’s a reliable, future-proof-ish, up to date space for documentation, examples that take into account being unavailable, and whether there are plans in the future to change any of the current behavior/requirements that I should be aware of. I genuinely don’t understand whether I should be using jsfiddle or github, for instance. I don’t mean any offense by any of this - it’s more likely that I’m a complete dumbass and am missing something obvious. Hope that’s the case, because I really do like the idea. Thanks!


I am running TinyG and the chilipepr support has been great but I am switching to Grbl. I have a intermittent bug and I suspect it is in the TinyG but it could be noise.

I picked up:
MKS DLC v2.0 Board
MKS lv8727 stepper drivers

ChiliPeppr is fully supported and has thousands of monthly users. You are correctly pointing out that some of the docs are outdated. ChiliPeppr is just like many other open source projects in that it takes a community to help support it, so sometimes areas get outdated. However, ChiliPeppr still has constant updates going on. Even Serial Port JSON Server just got a nice release a couple weeks ago that really helped serial port connectivity if you connect/disconnect a lot.

Yes, Cloud9 is gone. It’s sad because it was a super cool way of folks being able to immediately edit code. The most recent templates like widget-template and workspace-template have been updated to make localhost editing just as seamless. I now use Github Desktop and Visual Studio Code to edit widgets.

Doing each widget as its own Github project was a bit of a risk. It can make doing cross-widget updates like removing the Cloud9 link somewhat hard, but the distributed approach still has big advantages when it comes to creating new workspaces where you only want pieces of others. Take for example which is a very recent new workspace with lots of updates. It uses the Gcode sender from the TinyG workspace straight up, but the Axes and Xbox widget are derivations of the TinyG version of the widget.

You should, at this point, just use Github and a local editor. Just run runme.js out of the widget-template repo or workspace-template repo to get a local webserver going to preview your changes and then to merge your Javascript, HTML, and CSS into your final built file.

Also, ask lots of questions here and we/I will help you out.

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Why re-work it? I use CNC.js just fine with my TinyG v8 on my OpenBuilds Ox CNC router.