do You see the same yellow? How it works?

(Tecnología Interactiva) #1

do You see the same yellow?

How it works?

Look at a circle of hemispheres illuminated by LEDs so they appear
‘yellowish’. The middle hemisphere contains pure yellow LEDs, while hemisphere in the surrounding circle have different random proportions of red and green LEDs to give yellowish coloured light.

You need to choose the hemisphere in the circle that most closely matches the yellow hemisphere in the centre, it flashes after a while.

See if your friends or family match up the same yellow coloured hemisphere as you :).

SK6812WWA + SK6812RGB array w/ FastLED Library

(Daniel Garcia) #2

Is this an ad or is this a project that involves FastLED? It’d be great if you posted a little bit more context vs just a link to a video, otherwise the post is highly likely to get marked as spam and removed.

(Tecnología Interactiva) #3

@Daniel_Garcia Of course, the exhibition uses FastLED, the description is in the video.