Do you need arguments for buying a 3D printer? Here you go:

Do you need arguments for buying a 3D printer?

Here you go: Print this “Ravioli Maker Grid” and prepare some delicious pasta for you and your beloved relatives.

Hi Kurt! You seem to be extraordinarily good at making ravioly dough, because when I make it I never manage to do the kind of dough that allows to create such narrow-cornered figures without them falling apart either while being extracted from the frame or while being boiled… But the idea is great - now winter finally arrives, it’s time to make pelmeni by the kilo and freeze them out there in the snow :slight_smile:

Thanks @Igor_Larine ​. :slight_smile:
For getting the best dough I prepare it from scratch. Just mix:

  • 300g flaour
  • 3 eggs (180g): make sure you get exactly this weight or change the amount of flaour
  • a spoon of olive oil

The tricky part comes when you have to roll out the dough. I do this allways with our pastamachine.

Then heat up the water. But make sure you don’t boil the Raviolis (otherways they pop up).

Pasta machine :wink:

3 eggs for 300 grams of flour? Gosh, no wonder it is stretchy dough! Will sure try that way… Especially considering I raise chickens so have eggs aplenty :slight_smile:

Hm, let me doublecheck…

OK, 180g are fine (see also PM)

all right! will try this way. Thanks, ane Merry Christmas!

Printed it Wednesday, spent Christmas Eve making star ravioli. Thanks!

@Michael_Horgan You are very welcome. I’m glad it worked for you. :slight_smile:

Hehe. Just don’t post them here in Israel. You will get a lot of sad Jews.
Reminds me of this:

OK, but as long as you don’t arrange the Raviolis on stripped dishes, there should be no problem, I guess. :wink: