Do you know somebody looking for a Laser Cutter or a CNC Router ?

Do you know somebody looking for a Laser Cutter or a CNC Router ?
If you do, and you can convince them to buy our Open-Source-controlled machines ( see , we can help you with the convincing ), we’ll give you a substantial finder’s fee !
Contact us at
This is true in the future too, if you run into an opportunity, remember this post :slight_smile:

They ship with Smoothie in CNC mode. The machines come with Octoprint ( typical workflow is visicut -> octoprint -> smoothie ), and that doesn’t have any of the gcode streaming problems Laserweb has. I’m confident laserweb will in the long run end up solving the issue, we gave them a lot of information about how to do it, including examples of code, and info about various solutions they can implement.

This looks awesome. Do you know if there are any programs helping out not for profit hackerspaces? Having open source and cutting edge machines based on smoothie would be nice. Alternatives like lasersaur or buildlog might be an option but I was curious what you would recommend to equip a space. (for context we are specifically interested in laser cutters at the moment)

@Piotr_Esden-Tempski Don’t know any such programs. We tend to give better prices to fablabs/hackerspaces as a company but that’s it. You can email for more details.