Do I need to attach the tires to the rims with some glue or

Do I need to attach the tires to the rims with some glue or something? I noticed during my testing that they want to slip off when going full throttle.

Do you have printed tires or store bought ones? The printed ones are not glued on mine. The store bought ones are though.

I got these off eBay: Losi New 320S Zombie Max Tire with Foam

What do you glue them on with? Superglue?

Ah, ok. I used CA glue which is what I was recommended. Not sure about superglue…

Something like this?

my store bought ones needed to be glued on, the 3d printed ones fitted better but if i really wrung it out i would glue it, has anyone made beadlock type rims for RC? lol

Yes, you’ll want to glue the tires to the rims. We use Locktite Professional Super Glue. This can be picked up locally at just about any store.

@bcrazycramer Yep!

That is what I’m using for now. I had a thing of Gorilla Super Glue laying around. I have one side of the tire glued to the rim at the moment. Just waiting for it to setup and then I will do the other side.

i tried super glue once on another project and it expanded almost like mini expanding foam, do they all do that?

No @Chris_P ​, the only thing I’ve seen do that is normal Gorilla glue, which isn’t actual super glue. They look very similar, but they’re completely different!

ahh gotcha, i never noticed there were two different products until i was just thinking about the two different Loctite glues i have.

There are specific glues for RC tire, Tire Glue as it happens. Such as this, Seems easier to clean of the wheel when you replace tires then regular supper glue.

¿Rubber Cement?

Lol, no you need proper adhesion. Lesser glues release when you need them most! Tire explosions in 3D printed cars can be quite tragic!

I can’t find those on ebay, is the model # right?

@Aaron_Horst I guess they stop making them. I would be curious to see what the equivalent tire is. Do they have any on Amazon?

great question @bcrazycramer ​ not seeing any, guess I need an alternative

Proline makes some excellent tires. I’d give them a shot. If you let me know what surface you’re on I can recommend a tire and compound to help out!