DIY Die Wrench - Laser Cut

I am working on up grading the optic mounts on my K40 laser cutter and needed to cut down a part and then recut threads. I needed a M20x1mm die which I had to order. The outside dia. of the die is 45mm which is too big for my current die wrench. Rather then buy one, I decided I could make my own.

Designed a basic die wrench shape, cut 2 from 1/4" plywood and glued them together. Rounded over the edges and then cut and glued a top for the die from 1/8" plywood.

Installed a threaded insert for a 8-32 screw in one side. Made a set screw by sharping the end of a 8-32 machine screw and added some laser cut plywood rings to make it a thumb screw.

Worked great. I was just cutting aluminum so it didn’t have to handle a lot of torque.

It would be easy to added two more screws in the sides to center smaller dies with additional set screws.

Here is the SVG file for the wrench. I included the unwelded shapes so you can change the part dimensions if you want.

Die Wrench



Hope it’s strong enough at the point where the handle and circular section meet :thinking:

Where did you get the die?

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Thanks. I’m just working with Aluminum so I wasn’t really worried about the torque. It would easy enough to make one that joined the arms over a larger area to the circular part. I would have definitely made the whole thing beefier if working with steel.

The die was from amazon.

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Ya I read later it '“turned out” ok :slight_smile: