Direct Drive Extruders anyone

Is anyone using a direct drive extruder on their printer?

If so, what recommendations might you have for someone considering it?

I am thinking I want to ditch the bowden and do direct. I was eyeing Walter’s flying extruder and also thinking about just putting it on the carraige directly.

Thanks in advance


Walter said he had ringing with it directly on the carriage (though his prints were so impeccable his standards might be higher than mine). I Know some people used this design I made for direct drive:

Other than for flexibles, i have never had much issues using bowden. But I agree, direct drive extruders sure make calibration easier and more consistent across print speeds and materials.

I was looking at what Walter had published-

BTW: Anyone heard from Walter at all?

I am not sure why he used a jointed arm- I would think that it could add more complexity in the system. Though he does mention a bit of camber in the system to unload the carriage. I think that the height this way would remain constant with the 2 arms.

I can see the shock cord snubber that he used. It looks like he has used a piece of extrusion as a mast to counter balance the whole thing in the back.

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