Dilemma! I started to make a repstrap a couple of years ago just before


I started to make a repstrap a couple of years ago just before the mendel printer was introduced. I got as far as being able to draw simple shapes by adding a pen to where the printhead should be. Then, disaster, I blew one of the L297 stepper drivers and had to shelve the project because of work commitments.
Ive got a bit more time now and I dug all the old stuff out to have another go. Its obvious that things have moved on a lot and so Im going to get a LAMPS set of electronics and have another go.
And here is my diemma! I cant afford to just buy a kit so I will be making a repstrap and printing/updating new parts as I go on. I had a design worked out where the axis were all fastened to plywood panels which would give me the flexibility to switch things around easily. Then I saw the delta printer designs!
It strikes me that I would probably be able to make a delta printer much more easily than a mendel style. Am I right?

Deltas are easier to assemble, but they are finicky as far as tolerances go. You won’t just get an odd print, or a slanted print, you’ll get a completely unworkable print, as the math requires everything to be precise. I wouldn’t suggest a delta to anyone who hasn’t at least done a “regular” printer first or at least someone who has the build knowledge in order to get everything aligned properly.

Thanks Anthony, still a dilemma though as I think I probably fit into that category. Probably build a conventional repstrap and then print parts for the delta.