Digikey-Molex connectors. On the BOM it notes one of each part.

Digikey-Molex connectors.

On the BOM it notes one of each part. I’m thinking there should be more than one, any suggestions on how many plugs I should order? I can extrapolate the number of pins from that.


(Azteeg ordered, Misumi ordered, Printed parts on their way… Now just need to order the other components)

I find the micro molex connectors a bit of a pain to deal with, you might consider using something else. The number of pins depends on the carriage/hotend combo you’re planning to use (heater, hotend fan, blower, led lights, …)

@Oliver_Seiler thanks Oliver, just trying to sort out where I should be using molex connectors. I’ve no idea where I should be putting them. It looks like there is a molex connector on the hot end carriage but not sure where else they are needed? Stepper wires? Heater cartridge? Thermistor?

Oh right, I’ve only got one pair on the carriage - don’t think you need them anywhere else.

You need at least 6: 2x Heater, 2x Thermistor, 2x Fan(s). If you add leds, separate command for hot end fan and blower fan it may change.
Order some spare pins, you’ll probably break some (and it’s cheap).

@Maxime_Favre so 6 pins? One connector? [Extra pins is a for-sure… I’m good at wrecking them :slight_smile: ]

Buy one set of 8 pins connector(male female) + pins. A spare connector set is always nice to have.

@Maxime_Favre very true! Good idea, come to think of it… There are 2 fans On the head… So I’m thinking two 6 pin connectors may be a good compromise.

I’d highly recommend not putting all cables on the same connector, because it prevents you from ever moving on to another carriage with different cable needs without re-wiring the connector (which is a massive pain). It also makes it a lot easier to swap out a part for a replacement e.g. if you have a second heater block.
E.g. a 2 pin for the cooling fan, 4 pin for heater + thermistor, 2 for the blower and 2 for LED if required.

I use 6 pin mpx connectors like these: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10-pairs-MPX-Connector-s-plug-24K-Goldplated-pin-40Amp-RC-aeromodelling-field-Accessories/32477446474.html?spm=2114.30010308.3.2.TG0QcP&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_7,searchweb201602_2_10037_10033_507_10032_10020_10017_10021_10022_10009_10008_10018_101_10019,searchweb201603_3&btsid=3df96bbd-d8b3-4922-a04c-ac133218661b
These are campact, ok to solder and support currents up to 40A. I had to tie them together with a zip tie as the went apart during a long print due to vibrations.
With 6 pin you need to combine ground if you want to use cooling for HE transition zone and objects. I only print ABS, so I don’t use a fan for object cooling.

@Oliver_Seiler totally makes sense! I never thought of that, but glad I asked the question!

@Daniel_F how long did they take to come? They are certainly cheap enough. The molex from Digikey are bulkier which may not be a positive if I use a few in that same area.

Around 3 weeks to Europe

Maybe try Farnell from the UK?

@Jeff_DeMaagd I think I’ll prob just use Digikey, I’m in Canada and they ship here w/ no duty/customs stuff to deal with, it’s pretty painless.