Did something change in the Tinyg workspace?

Did something change in the Tinyg workspace? My job keeps stalling and the chili pepper logo keeps changing to ‘Tigershark 3D’ then after a couple seconds (2~6secs) the chilipeppr logo reappears. Already eff’d up a PCB in the process.

No. Nothing has changed. What version of spjs are you running?

The previous version. When I grabbed the latest I get

'runtime: this CPU has no VFPv3 floating point hardware, so it cannot run
this GOARM=7 binary. Recompile using GOARM=6.’

There was a job I need to run. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it. But it seems like I should have.

It’s on a RPi B+ running 2015-02-16-raspbian-wheezy

I compiled the arm version on the raspberry pi 2 this go around. I didn’t realize there is such a big difference. You can compile on your own or I could get one set by Saturday

Still moving on with my tinyg upgrade, but having things change on me is a concern

@Britton_Evans things are running well out there. I’m still not sure what @y_milord is running into with the tigershark comment. The only way i could see that happening is if he’s in the tigershark workspace which seems unlikely. As for the SPJS version for the older Rpi that’s not a stability issue, rather a compilation issue.

@y_milord Try the new Raspberry Pi 1 version that was released yesterday. It’s in the SPJS widget now in CP as a new download link.