Did something change in CP config widget? Motor 5 & 6 are missing.

Did something change in CP config widget? Motor 5 & 6 are missing.

I did a force refresh= true many times this weekend. Last time I did that @Kevin_Hauser ​ 's widget got prematurely published. Maybe that happened again. If so Kevin just make sure you don’t “set as base” until you’re ready.

So, What does that mean? It was never really supported? And when it was visible- It was on mistake?

I haven’t been setting base, and it didn’t go to the latest version either (last time), just a seemingly random version. As for this time, no I didn’t publish any changed, but I will check it later tonight (after work).

So the code is still there to support 6 motors, BUT it will only work if the tinyg is connected property THE FIRST TIME the widget is run (in a given session), so if you don’t see the 6 motors try closing chilipeppr completely (close the browser), then try a new session and hopefully that’ll work for you.
When I finally finish the new widget the support will be far better.

Yeah no dice. Both motors 5 & 6 are still blank. At any rate- I ended up making the changes via the FW. I was just trying to avoid the. Test, Remove the Due go back to my office and flash, then back over to the garage dance.

@y_milord Try to open, close, then reopen the widget. That made Motors 5 and 6 appear for me; I know not why.

Yeah. Still blank. Does not matter at this point. As I said, I was attempting to use it for the convenience factor.

Interesting. @cmcgrath5035 is reporting trouble getting them to show as well, though he has seen the tabs a times. I think I know the issue and the new widget won’t suffer the problem. Glad you were able to work around it!