Did some testing with Laserweb 2.0 on our Marlin based K40.

Did some testing with Laserweb 2.0 on our Marlin based K40.

No download button/link for Serial Port JSON server (Downloaded through Chilipeppr and ran that - is that the right thing to do and/or the correct version?) May want to add a link to download/run if no port detected.

With this JSON server the jog buttons did not work reliably (occasionally they jogged but home never worked) nor did the home button. These both work fine and reliably in Laserweb. Even sending commands from the command button didn’t seem to work reliably.

So there is some marlin testing information for you.

In addition I observed the following while working with the laser:
Serial “corruption” occasionally during restoring. Seems to occur mostly on the Y argument and the next absolute move puts it back to the right place. The same Gcode run from the SD card works perfectly (o glitching). Wondering what negative impact (if any) . Looking at changing the baud rate down slightly would have on rastering…or if there is any “CRC” for the commands that could be added. So 100% the SERIAL communication is flaky (not sure if it’s the SW or the Firmware but I’m guessing the FW). Not sure how to change the ring buffer size in latest Arduino IDE.

I’ll take another look this week - Had to travel out to the west coast last week and was away from the machine. And No I don’t think I updated the Gcode Commands…so that could certainly be the problem.