Did I ever show you that work of mine?

(Stefan Petrick) #1

Did I ever show you that work of mine?
A breathing & living creature defined by code.
From 2014. @1024 LEDs.

(Yves BAZIN) #2

Awesome patterns !! Would you mind sharing the code

(Stefan Petrick) #3

Honestly: I don´t have the code anymore. I can explain in any detail what is happening, but the code is gone together with a complete harddisc.

(Dougal Campbell) #4

Awesome organic look! Please do give us a description of how you achieved that look.

(Marc Miller) #5

I don’t remember seeing that one. Really nice movement in there.

(Stefan Petrick) #6

The structure comes from one noise layer. It fills half of the square. Diagonal. Modulated in x, y and z and streched along x and y. Every n ms it gets new parameters = different look and feel. Heavy data smothing over the noise data. At the sides of the triangle I let 3 rows free. It gets filled later. The triangle gets copied to the other side. Colormapping: An ever changing random palette with desaturated colors with black areas in between. Palette rotates constantly, too. Postprocessing: the Noise Smear filter (fractional shifting/adding in 2 independant dimensions) morphing all image data 3 rows to each side. Creates the blob effect. By this final step also softening of the output image which moves arround now smoothly. Color and gamma correction to match the led setup and increase contrast.

(Stefan Petrick) #7

This was the next step then: