Did anyone yet make and test a heated chamber modification for a Thing-o-Matic or

Did anyone yet make and test a heated chamber modification for a Thing-o-Matic or for any printer at all?
Did it help warping?

(I’m currently fighting warping on the center-sled of my camera slider.

It’s about 100x100mm flat. So it’s an invitation for warping.)

I remember seeing something like that on youtube, the guy in the video said it significantly helped his prints. I’ll see if I can find it, but that was 8 months ago.

Edit: Here are a couple videos, neither of them are the one I saw, but they both seem to support the general idea of an enclosure/heated chamber.

I understand his need to vent noxious fumes and it will probably become an issue for me when I get my printer going. It would be a good idea if the vent ing was thermostatically controlled though as continually extracting air outside would cool the chamber. Also in the cold white north [currently -20 c] you would only want to exhaust over temp air outside. Seems with an acoustic lining the noise would be reduced as well !

Having a fixed cabinet would also give mounting points for extras ie. webcam, lighting etc…

I put panels on my TOM during cold months to help with warping. I use paper sheets and tape. I does help though.

@David_H tried that with taped on paper at CCCongress.
Kept the inside warm.

Just learned

that my heated bed may be too warm and that this may the the actual cause of my warping.
Will try that now.

I have my cubical reprap enclosed in polycarbonate (Plexiglas). It does help with warp (no wonders but quite a bit of help for larger prints) and i added an exhaust vent with a charcoal filter to reduce ABS smell. The chamber keeps the inner temperature @ 50°C without any extra heating.

My chamber helps especially with large prints - I used to have the edges curl up on the front/back of the Y axis (using a Prusa where that bit moves about a lot), heated chamber fixed that.

I’d imagine it would be a little bit less dramatic on the Thing-o-matic, but it should help some. Just make sure your electronics are still well cooled, I’m not sure where the live on that bot.

Electronics have a separate compartment labeled “cable hell” on the #ThingOMatic