Did any of you guys used Carbon Tape to create heating elements for underside

Did any of you guys used Carbon Tape to create heating elements for underside the Print Bed Aluminum Plate? I have just stumbled across this product and, because it has so many other possible applications around the house and comes in a tape form, I am interested in the possibility of having the build plate heated by such a thing.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you have a link with more specs?

No specific link, here’s a images search for it https://goo.gl/6LznF5 … I was looking into heated clothing for winter sports and found on instructables and lifehacker/hackaday posts about using this kind of tape (https://lifehacker.com/make-your-own-flexible-carbon-fiber-electric-blanket-1528248248, https://hackaday.io/project/232-handmade-carbon-fiber-tape-heated-vest).

I see a lot of variations, some are fabric, others silicone infused. I believe it could work, but since heated bed are big and rigid and don’t need the flexibility given by carbon fiber tabe, it is not a cost effective solution. Other aspect, the low weight also would not be such an advantage, since the carbon will need to be infused in a second material to make proper heat transfer. Now, there is something that could be disruptive:
A carbon fiber bed which uses its fibers as structural and heating elements at the same time. Epoxy, which fills a carbon fiber sheet can handle temperatures over 200°C. The temperature expansion/contraction should also be considered.

@Florian_Ford This look really interesting. This one pic (https://www.azom.com/work/1AKmX0C680fNs037Q04N_files/image005.jpg) of a kind of heating pad - from this article (https://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=1624) - seems like a potentially viable option. Put it on a build plate which isn’t already heated, then put a glass plate on top - and you should be good to go. At least I think so…