did 3 point bed leveling and this is the plot graph.

did 3 point bed leveling and this is the plot graph. not really surprised considering I did not do any physical alignment to ensure the x is parallel with the bed surface. so my question, the graph only show area within that triangle. what happen to the area outside that triangle. my bed is square…

Do you have more than 3 points defined in the probing? If not you’ll only see those points showing up

No it did its job correctly since I only define 3 points the hope is that all 3 point will define the plane surface. But I’m not sure if the calculation takes acount into areas outside the points

It can’t. You can’t compute a surface outside the boundaries you give, which are those three points…

Hmm makes sense. Are there a way to extrapolate the 3 points to create infinate flat surface?

Since it only takes 3 points to define a face surface. Right?

Yes, the plane is defined by those 3 points. It’ll do a linear correction and extrapolate the correction to every point of the bed, that’s the default. But it won’t display more than the triangle in the graph, that’s normal

Ah got it so it should still print outside those “graphical” triangle. Good.

My theory was use more points. It will average out the error in your bed leveling sensor. Maybe try one with 9 points or more. Might show that you have a warped bed.