Diamond Extruder / 3 color mixing nozzle with Display

(Mike_8888_SW) #1

I can’t figure out how to connect a 3’rd motor, I have Smoothieboard 5x, and I also have Viki 2 Graphic LCD, which takes all the pins left!

Can Smoothieboard support 3 color mixing nozzle?

I have external microstepping driver, I only need 3 pins (enable, direction, and step), but I cannot figure out where to connect to (since the LCD takes most of the pins) ?


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(Arthur Wolf) #2

You can use the disable_leds option to disable the 4 leds, and that lets you use those pins for anything you want.

About color mixing, it depends exactly what you want to do, and exactly how your slicing program generates the Gcode. Smoothie supports native 6axis ( with ABC axes ) which allows for full color mixing, but I’m not sure where the slicers are with that.