despite some common dislike out there,

(Jared Eldredge) #1

despite some common dislike out there, I still like @MakerGeeks

here’s my print off this month’s 3D GeekBox project:

(Jeff DeMaagd) #2

Most of the angst I see is from slow/poor fulfillment. Like they kept having sales of the filament I ordered and still didn’t fulfill my order three months later until I took a substitute.

(Jared Eldredge) #3

@Jeff_DeMaagd yeah, i agree that seems to be the most common complaint. i suppose there’s a good reason i haven’t had that issue: i generally buy the ‘grab bag’ which is a discounted price for ordering by TYPE only (i don’t pick my colors). this basically means they get to give me whatever happens to be in stock rather than me having to wait for a particular color to come in.