Designed & printed a 6-piece spool stand for myself...

Designed & printed a 6-piece spool stand for myself… Not that I couldn’t just buy one, or download/print one from thingiverse, but I wanted some design practice now that my ghetto rig (self-assembled old Makergear Prusa Mendel kit + Budaschnozzle 1.2 @ 0.5mm) is working semi-reliably. I’m getting a feel for what it is & isn’t capable of, and how to design things that are vaguely sturdy.

Cool spool holder! Are the stl files available somewhere?

It wouldn’t be terribly meaningful, because it’s designed around the print volume limits of my particular rig, and a conveyor belt roller I have. Also some aspects of the design aren’t as sturdy as I anticipated (I would make a larger brim around the base part).