Designed and 3D printed super compact camera gimbal for micro servos.

(Misha Lytvynyuk) #1

Designed and 3D printed super compact camera gimbal for micro servos. What do you think? Any suggestions are welcomed!

(J. Christie) #2

Nice job.

(Kleinfeld Technical Services) #3

Nice! I don’t know if it’s a factor, but if the fact that the camera is offset horizontally and tends to pull the assembly over becomes a factor a design change might address it. My thought is that you could reorient the arm of the camera mount to have a vertical connection to the tilt servo. An L shaped arm might also be desirable with a vertical arm at the tilt servo. That would put the camera over the servos instead of in front of them.

(David David) #4

Can I use it with Raspberry pi cam?

(Misha Lytvynyuk) #5

@David_David Not out of the box, mounting bracket for the camera arm has to be different.

(Misha Lytvynyuk) #6

@Kleinfeld_Technical Thank you for your suggestions! Yes balance of the assembly is shifted forward and it tend to fall forward if moved. But I’m afraid I did not catch what exactly do you mean. Im my mind following your suggestions, camera will point upwards… right ?

(Misha Lytvynyuk) #7

@J_Christie Thank you

(Kleinfeld Technical Services) #8

@Misha_Lytvynyuk I think I’m convincing myself that I am not a mechanical designer. :wink: Here’s a sketch of what I was thinking about. It puts the camera above the servos instead of to the side. It might still have stability issues, though.
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(Kleinfeld Technical Services) #9

Better picture
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