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Heavy Fish Design (the docs)

Welcome. Heavy Fish Design is a JSON-like language for designing and layout of parts for laser cutters or CNC routers. Once you get the hang of it, we think you will have fun with all of things you can do.

Highlights include:

  • easy to use offsetting (i.e. adjusting for kerf).
  • Automatic layout of parts within the size of your material.
  • Splitting across multiple files if parts do not fit within the material.
  • Full featured expression language for easy scaling of components.
  • Easy to compose your designs into reusuable custom components.


Without looking closely at this website, it reminds of

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So, it is JSON. It’s JSON syntax with a domain-specific grammer.

I would have used YAML for the syntax because it’s easier for a human to type; it can be rendered to JSON so there would be no loss of capability or fidelity.

@SirGeekALot The difference is that this software allows you to design and layout. DeepNest is only for nesting the layout.