Deltaprintr XL (12 x 18 in.

Deltaprintr XL (12 x 18 in. build volume) Available for Sale by Owner

Last December the Deltaprintr Kickstarter ( caught my eye and introduced me to accessible 3D printing, specifically the DeltaBot platform. Although I thought I could wait, the Deltaprintr encountered multiple delays (like most 3D printer Kickstarter campaigns), so in the interim I found myself building my own printers, and have now made three. I simply have no use for a pre-assembled printer these days, but would have been much better off to have had access to a printer like the Deltaprintr when I was first getting started.

The XL’s massive build volume-- 12 inches diameter by 18 inches-- is what really sold me, but here is a list of other benefits Deltaprintr promises:

Faster speeds (up to 200mm/sec), 100 micron resolution, Automatic calibration – no more manual calibration, Easy & expandable print volume, LCD and SD card included, Compact power supply, *LED to light up the acrylic bed and logo (I splurged on this extra fee for the aesthetics)

I pledged a total of $830 (including shipping) to receive the XL as a Kickstarter reward. I’m expecting delivery this month. Please send me an email (cicetti at gmail dot com) if you are interested, and you can be the proud owner of a machine that cannot be purchased otherwise.