Delta Auto bed leveling

I’m looking to see if there is a different option for me for auto bed leveling on a delta printer. I think I have gone as far as I can go with what was in the config download of Edge. is there more on Github, and if so what am I looking for? I’ve gotten pretty good at the config part, I don’t know if the Firmware.bin would be over my head or not. willing to try if thats what I need to do.

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Simply read , it’s all there, there is nothing hidden or magic, it works very well for thousands of people.

It’s always seems to be off by at least 0.05- 0.2. The servo setting are pretty basic, I just slowed it down in hopes of improving accuracy. The lines I have in my LCD that I have tried are as follows, maybe we can do something to tweak them.


I guess I’m just in search of the first layer porn that I got when I was leveling my generic i3 by hand. could it be the Z bed compensation thats not hitting the spot? I plan to load a copy of the firmware.bin the WolfmanJim just uploaded a couple a days ago. may not be any advantage for whats going on, but I like to stay current.

Aside : When tuning things up, don’t use panel shortcuts like this, just send each command by hand until you have it down exactly how you want, then make it into a panel shortcut.

Aside : Why do you have resets there that sounds really weird.

You are really not clear on exactly what your problem is, so I’m not sure how to help you.

This is with the default delta grid set to 9x9 and the line that came with the printer control panel set as it was from the factory. no matter what the right side is off. I have adjusted the Z offset in my opening script to the point that the nozzle is too close on the left and doesn’t print. I know the leveling can only do so much and the bed needs to be somewhat close. I took out the spacers and put springs under the bed screws and was able to adjust some. How can I be sure that the Z compensation is being used? what is the difference between G31 and M373/M374 in practice. Also the probe is at 20mm from the nozzle toward the Alpha tower, but it is my understanding from the Z-probe page that you can’t tell the Firmware that the probe is not dead center, and have it use Z compensation. Did I read that wrong? (dyslexia is a royal pain!) If thats true then that would mean that its compensating in the wrong place by 20mm.

is the jerkiness in the outer skirt a smoothie thing or a slicer thing? I’m using S3D, I have the Pursa version of Slic3r but haven’t had time to set it up

I can’t post a link for the picture, so I SOL on that front :frowning: