Definitions, 3D printing version

optimism noun:

  1. Starting a 5-hour print job just as a thunderstorm rolls overhead.
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I was looking at starting a print too, then the sky turned gray and I figured… I can wait till tomorrow.

You’re a brave man :slight_smile:

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I was just looking at the radar over your area maybe an hour ago (family up there) and it looked… exciting.

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Is it not possible to use a UPS to cover power blips?

Awww, @NedMan, don’t give away why I’m optimistic! That’s no fun!

I treated myself to a UPS for the 3d printers last year when the unit I wanted went on a good sale. Given that I have a 750W and a 500W bed, a little 350VA unit wouldn’t cut it, I got something a little larger. Even so, I don’t warm both beds from a cold start at the same time. Once they get to temperature, they can both run off the UPS, but it’s pushing it to pull over 1250W.


Parts finished partially successfully. I was trying for an interference fit and the parts were a fraction of a millimeter oversized. The small part I was printing broke (that’s going to be a quick re-print), and the large part I was able to sand down the outsize dimension to a perfect fit, so I’m :+1: on the print.

I’m making custom fittings for my wood shop vacuum system. The part that failed was a thin spacer ring to make a loose slip fit between a 4" vacuum part and a 4" S&D pipe into a tight fit. I can print that up tomorrow. The part that succeeded was a 4" S&D bell to 2.5" vacuum hose fitting; I wanted one with a more gradual diameter reduction than commercially-available parts to reduce dust drop-out from turbulence at the interface.

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