Defenetly Baltic Birch is a very good choice

Defenetly Baltic Birch is a very good choice

Very nice results. Especially the last 2 on the scale.

I think you need blacker blacks, but I totally agree.

How does it cut. All the Baltic here uses phenolic resin for glue and just chars like crazy.

@Joe_Spanier ​ I wouldn’t expect much difference since I bought this on amazon

@Joe_Spanier I’ve cut a fair amount of Baltic birch. It does char fairly easily but with some experimentation you can get the speeds/power to a point where the kerf is somewhat discolored but the faces are clear.

I cut a lot of birch. But this stuff is like charcoal when you cut it. And it takes multiple passes on a 100w laser. Nasty stuff. Cnc’s great though.

When we were using Techshop Chandler I used these guys . I picked up full sheets local but they’ll cut to UPS shipping size. I’ve had them ship 24x18 blanks to the Techshops up in the valley.

Now that we cut in house I use here in town but they don’t have an online or shipping outside the area.