Deconstructing a Juki Nozzle Holder (the good,

Deconstructing a Juki Nozzle Holder (the good, expensive kind that has automatic nozzle change capability) with @Jason_von_Nieda and @Graeme_Bridge of OpenPNP. Big thanks to @jlauer for sending me one of these tool holders to work with, and we should have a CAD model soon that I may try to 3D Print, may be possible to DIY with a CNC 4th axis, and we’ll shop some quotes around to see how cheap we can get this for the masses.

@Frank_Herrmann +Peter van der Walt

have you looked at the samsung cp45 neo holders, those are easy to get and a lot cheaper than juki

@charlie_wallace How cheap we talking? I get my juki nozzle for $16.69 shipped. I see that Samsung and/ or Yamaha nozzles are a few $ more expensive, but around the same. I think as soon as we can get the runout taken care of in the holder, we will be all set with the juki nozzle.

the samsungs are easy to get and they’re about the same price, and you can buy the holders for less than the jukis, i have a juki pnp

Can you show me a Samsung holder that can fit on a 5mm shaft? The only ones I have found have a male M3 thread.

Cool video guys. It would be awesome to reproduce this holder. The juki nozzles are really nice with that spring loading they have, so getting the community to rally around the juki design would be great.

there might be some, samsung have a lot of different sizes. though might be easier to thread the 5mm shaft with a 3mm thread, especially if you’re able to knock off juki style nozzles/holders.