Decent write-up by Nelson Trujillo about getting Serial Port JSON Server running on Linux/Raspberry

Decent write-up by Nelson Trujillo about getting Serial Port JSON Server running on Linux/Raspberry Pi including an auto-start script.

They are a ways out but i jumpped on one of these. For this same purpose. Really I should look at porting the json serial port server to an ESP8266.

I agree the esp8266 would be cool. The truth is, machines of the future won’t be talked to over parallel ports, or the USB / serial ports we are dealing with (which is a pain in the ass when they swap, move around, can’t have multiple programs talking, etc.). They will be on the network like any other computer and have some sort of standard socket interface. Something like the arduino YUN makes sense since it has the ability to run the gcode on bare metal. But computers are getting cheaper, and more power efficient. It’s only a matter of time.

@Michael_Audette That is an interesting idea. Can the ESP8266 talk websockets to multiple end-points at the same time to enable pendants/DROs to run in parallel to the main browser? Can it also buffer up say 100kb of Gcode? 100kb is what I think might be the lower end to be useful.

I preordered Chip…The wait continues… Maybe next year. Until then RB P2 is what Ill use on mine. That and a Windows Tablet PC.

@Thomas_Shue which windows tablet pc are you using? do you like it?

Are there any plans to add a way to shutdown the RPi from within Chilipeppr? Would be nice if I could start up my shuttleCP script on my RPi from within chilipeppr as well.

Don’t think so. You could start it up when you start your spjs though.


One could write a secondary script/monitor and a plugin for chillipeppr with a shutdown button.

If you don’t want to hack the code or write plugins perhaps you could use an existing MCODE that toggles a an unused (or used for different purpose) pin on the arduino that could be wired to the pi…like the coolant enable pin (I know I’m not using mine). Sending the M8/M9 codes will toggle this pin and a script on the PI can monitor the GPIO and initiate a clean shutdown when the pin changes state.

Another option is to take the PI GPIO plugin and modify it and add a shutdown option in there. 12 ways to skin a cat…some will leave you with more scratches.