Dear all, I am new to ChiliPeppr and i started using it couple weeks

Dear all,

I am new to ChiliPeppr and i started using it couple weeks ago, from previous Grbl Controller. I am very happy with the work, and amazed with the Autoleveler function. I have a problem since 2 days ago, and its that when I start the Autoleveler widget and try the Auto-Fill, no dots appear, and generally the “run test probe” gives me alarm error. I have tried loading different gcode files, restarting the web browser etc, and couple of times i managed to get the dots again and the probe working, but very rarely. All other functions seem to work, i can run a gcode, jog etc… Any suggestion? My knowledge on web programming is nule, so I don’t understand widgedts and so on at the moment…


My suggestion would be to post a video showing the issue. Also provide some info about what your setup I like (tinyg? Grbl? SPJS version? Browser version? Etc.)

Hi. Thanks for the prompt reply. I will tell you the setup, and try to get a video later:
Grbl. SPJS v1.80, Chrome v46.0.2490.71
Im using Arduino with gshield, and using *.TAP files in mm, but I don’t thing hardware would matter as running the code and etc is working.

Go ahead and update that SPJS. That may help, I experienced something similar update took care of it for me.

Check your wires for probe, the probe wire are a kind of antenna and very sensible. As i mill my PCB’s, i let the probe on the pcb this makes GRBL crazy and answer with a lot of Alarm Errors. Ok, try first to change the cable from Ground to Probe and Probe to Ground. Then twist also this cables. Don’t switch the spindle on if you have the probe cables connected.