Dealing with kerf and inlays

I got a big bag of exotic vaneer samples and started trying to cut some inlay veneers. I have a basic coaster design and I’m printing the same design in two different types of wood and then I end up with two coasters that are the same but with inverted wood types. What I noticed is that even though my laser is properly tuned, the kerf is enough to create a noticable gap in the inlay.

Using the stock board and K40 whisperer is there a way I can deal with the kerf in order to create a tighter fit?

When I do veneer inlays I just make sure the cutting and engraving are done at the focus point. The gap tends to be fairly minimal. I also moisten the veneer before clamping which causes the veneer to swell and further reduces the gap. If you want to make the gap smaller you would probably need add a thin contour step for your cut outline. Would need to do this in whatever image software you are using.


Thanks. I’ll try wetting it.

As I use Fusion360 when designing I always add a kerf parameter which I add to all external measurement for parts that will be lasercut… Then i meassure the kerf of the laser for the material i’m going to use and adjust the parameter in Fusion360. That has worked really well so far.

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If you use LaserWeb, you can use “Cut inside” and “Cut outside” with a tool diameter of the laser kerf.


Don’t know if this is useful as I have not watched it yet…