DB9 laser power supply connection Identification

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I have a chines laser machine HAN’S Yuming co2 laser 100 watt with a LPS of 120 watt Db 9 connection
I have replaced the main board form (connction board 2.2 company original main board ) to (Ruida Conroller 6445s ) i Have grounded the WP on ruida and i Know the Ground wire Also but still 3 pin to go i have tried many possibilities but still not working

So On the
**Ruida i dont Know where to connect the **
following :

=Pin 5 =L-AN1= Laser-enabled control interface

  1. When the laser is the RF laser, this pin will not be used;
  2. When the laser is a glass tube, if the used laser is outputted in
    the low-level form, this pin will be connected with the laser power enable end and used to control the ON/Off of laser.

=Pin 3= LPWM1= Power control interface of laser/laser tube

  1. When the laser is the RF laser, this pin will be connected with the laser RF-PWM end;
  2. When the laser is a glass tube, this pin will be connected with


Pin2=L-on1= The analog signals for Laser Power. If Glass Tube is used, this pin is recommended to control the power of the Laser.

For my old Connection Board 2.2

My DB 9 has 6 wires according to manufacture manual are:

  • Black = LGD ground = pin no. 50

-2 Blue = 5v 1k pull upward = pin no. 38 , 40

  • Red = Connect power output of the laser power
    supply = pin no. 34

-Yellow = laser power control signal 0 when the lase power is 100%,adjust VR0 the voltage is 3.2V (on single domestic laser tube use this terminal)

-Green = O: Laser Switch Control 1 +

I have tried many time and it dose not go right
The laser tube is giving laser when pressing test button from LPS
I have the factory scheme for db 9 strong text
I will include the picture bellow

This will take me some time to digest, will be back after I noodle this.

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@Alaa991 Hello! Do you have this manual on .pdf for Yuming motherboard?

Sorry I do not.

Sorry for the late reply. Do you still need the solution, I know How to connect it.