Dates and location are set for the next ! Richard Horne Johann Rocholl Anderson

Dates and location are set for the next #MRRF!

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Hey guys. The dates are set for next years MRRF ( or some name like it ). March 18-20th at the same location as last year. We’re starting earlier in the planning this year. Basically, we’re starting to figure out a wifi solution LOL

Can’t make it this year. I don’t earn enough money. Last year was a one time thing. Grats on the Make magazine placement though! You guys are doing great, I hope to see more great things from you!

Aww man! Hitch hike if ya have to dude! Thx. Still a rush every day

I might actually go this year. Should be fun. Ironically I’m now further away than I was last year.

Thx. Added to calendar :slight_smile:

Whew. I heard rumors after last year that it was going to be the last year. Or at least the last year as the MRRF. Glad to hear you are still going strong. Maybe this year I can bring something to show.