Dat Chu  I know you went the Github route for your code instead of

@Dat_Chu I know you went the Github route for your code instead of JSFiddle, but the only downside is I went to go play with your Laser Widget this morning and it’s really hard to interact with the code when it’s not in JSFiddle. Also, I would try to not lose the upper right corner dropdown for those who want to view PubSub and Fork your widget (like me!).

I will be working on adding that back. I was too excited on getting the widget implemented. :slight_smile: My only beef with jsfiddle is I have to copy and paste it back and forth to Webstorm. And when I work directly in fiddle land, ctrl f doesn’t work. It’s like when I use vim and someone disables the / key.

Couldn’t agree more. I love Webstorm. Any thoughts on a middle ground? I know JSFiddle can suck in Gists no problem. One thought is to build more of JSFiddle’s features right into ChiliPeppr that works perfectly with Github as well. That would require a lot of work though.

You gain benefits from Webstorm, but are you then live-saving to Github and then just constantly reloading ChiliPeppr with ?forcerefresh=true?

I test things out locally with cprequire_test when I can. When I need to integrate, I have to push to github and test.

The beauty of github is aside from history, running things locally is a simple change.

@jlauer , can you give Go Scale a test? Also, any chance I can get my version of 3dviewer merged into the main one? I added /sceneReloaded signal to it.

Absolutely. Let me take a look in the morning on the Go Scale. I will merge your 3D Viewer changes as well.