Dang I hate not being able to change the community after I send something.

Dang I hate not being able to change the community after I send something.

Originally shared by Don Kleinschnitz Jr.

I did some searching for an answer to this on the smoothie site but only found bits of info.

I am interested in learning what all the functions of the panel are including the “laser” module.

Is there some documentation that explains each of the panel menu items including the sub-menus?

I am looking for something that explains the machines behavior when a menu item is selected or a parameter set.

I am kinda hacking my way through it but found out the hard way you can slam the head to its extreme if your not careful.

We don’t have any such documentation, users who own a panel just explore the tree and discover it themselves traditionally.
What are you looking for exactly ?

@Arthur_Wolf for example on the “Jog” menu :

… what is MPG mode: it doesn’t seem to do anything
… what is the “Park Position” and what is the “Set Park Position” supposed to do. I selected the “Park Position” and it drove the head hard to the lower right and would not release until I powered it off. I was surprised it did not blow the drive or stepper.

If there is no documentation I guess I will just keep “hacking and asking” … but that may be annoying. I will however document what I find…

@Wolfmanjm ?

Park position is G28 look it up in linuxcnc documentation (it is NOT home) by default unless you set a park position it will be G0 X0 Y0

@Wolfmanjm X0,Y0 is not the lower right is it? I thought it was lower left?
So then how do you use the “Set Park Position” item, it doesn’t allow an entry or anything when you select it.
Is it supposed to execute a G28.1 and store the current position?
Sorry but I am still learning G-code.

yes as per the linuxcnc docs it sets the current position to the park position. fwiw most CNC people know what park is especially those using or having used linuxcnc

0,0 is usually lower left or front left, but it depends on how you set up homing. if you did not home then 0,0 is wherever the head was on power up (not a good thing)

@Wolfmanjm I home in the upper left. I thought I homed the machine and then “Set Park Position” but it still went to the lower right. I guess I will test it again.
BTW is there a motor release function other than from the panel or just powering off the machine for times when I am testing…

Yes M84 releases the motors.
Homing upper left is fine that is homing Y to max but it does not change where 0,0 is which should always be front left.

this is unless your config is incorrect in the endstops section. check out the wiki http://smoothieware.org/endstops

I also presume you are using the cnc build of smoothie, otherwise G28 will home not park.

@Wolfmanjm I have it set as
alpha_homing direction home_to_min
alpha_min 0
alpha_max 200
beta_homing direction home_to_max
beta_min 0
beta_max 200

BTW if I define a max_endstop but nothing is connected will that cause a problem?

@Wolfmanjm yes it is CNC build.

so given your config then 0,0 will be front left. or more accurately 0,200 will be back left and you are saying your Y movement is 200mm

@Wolfmanjm BTW if I define a max_endstop but nothing is connected will that cause a problem?

not unless limit is also enabled

but it will try to home to it if the pins are defined