Damn 1st failed print in a long time.

(Michael Scholtz) #1

Damn 1st failed print in a long time. Skipped steps once on a nearly 5 hour print… the head had to have hooked somewhere don’t think it was stepper if it was just once.

(Keith Applegarth) #2

X axis? I have had my X axis do that when I would have the belt too tight. But it would only happen when getting close to the X axis home…

(Michael Scholtz) #3

I think it was a one off, Ill print it again to make sure its not a thing.

(Jon Gordon) #4

Can you cut and salvage?

(Keith Applegarth) #5

You sold be able to duplicate it by running your axis back and forth and see if it skips… easy to check.

(Michael Scholtz) #6

@Jon_Gordon I’m just going to reprint, it happens. Sometimes you’re the dog sometimes you’re the tree.

(Griffin Paquette) #7

So you said that it’s your first failed print in a while??? What percent of prints would you say go successfully for you?? I have only about an 80% success right now.

(Michael Scholtz) #8

Failures are not a problem at all. That may have happened as it’s a dual extruder machine and the 2nd head was cold so any inconsistent edge was going to be a problem. If I warmed the 2nd head it would probably have smoothed it over and not failed. My problems are more with quality and surface finnish. Occasionally the bed will seem to settle 0.5mm lower than it should and then I’d stop and restart but my bed adjusts easily so I’ll often just turn each corner 1/2 a turn and let it go. I use the outline it prints before printing to check adjustment. But that was my 1st significant failure in more than a month and probably 2-3 kg of filament. My older p1 printer can give some trouble but I don’t use it much, anymore it’s currently a e3d test bench for changing my print heads in the future. The failure I had was on my P4 machine and the my P5 machine will just print anything I’ve given it. I did have some low quality prints of marvin where the oven hang between the legs sagged and so did the eyes but it’s because it’s so small it didn’t have time to cool so I printed 5 on the same plate and they came out perfect.

(Michael Scholtz) #9

Actually I remember the last big failure was that articulated puppy dog due to a power cut. And the freaking print head got stuck to the print where it cooled. Looking at my bench of prints I can see one dragon that skipped steps at about head height. Which was during setup with the new printer

(Chengster N) #10

Happened to me on this very same object too. I put it down to a PC glitch and switched to using octoprint. Since then this has very rarely happened. You can salvage this part by cutting off the shifted part and reprinting it and gluing it to the base.

(Michael Scholtz) #11

Are you frikken kidding. 12 hours into the printing the camera mount the very next print, ive just had a power cut at 4:30am it was meant to finnish at about 6:30.

(Michael Scholtz) #12

@Chengster_N ill see how far the print got and wait for the power to come back on. Ill see if i can figure out at what height it failed and try that gcode edit where you delete all the code already printed and have it continue from where it stopped.

(Vaughan Lundin) #13

So did the second print come out ok.

(Michael Scholtz) #14

Didn’t print it again went on and printed the camera holder that had a power cut 5% from the end. So I’ve built it and it’s a surprisingly easy build. I need to get a camera but I have a 5mp one i would like to try 1st and my biggest challenge is the shield I have a grbl cnc shield that I’m sure will work I just need to figure out how.

(3D-Proto) #15

Need some components for the ciclop? Also build it and have some. see http://www.3d-proto.de for some pics

(Keith Applegarth) #16

I am batting at about 90% myself… And usually, it is something I did. Either placement or change a setting and forget to save it.