D Rob  , and all others responsible, Thanks.

@D_Rob , and all others responsible, Thanks. I ordered the 32 tooth 10mm pulleys from robotdigg 5 days ago, and I have them already :slight_smile:

It was thanks to him that they even started stocking them in the first place! @D_Rob thank you!

Do they have 32 tooth 5 mm bores or are you using a different tooth count on the motor

It was obvious we needed them and I saw they made custom pulleys. We did it together. I didn’t have a need big enough by myself. Couldn’t have done it alone

@Joe_Spanier they said they would make them when I asked… But I didn’t need qty: 50

Jason is using the standard 20 tooth on his with no speed issues. I went with 30 tooth from openbuilds. Turns out that was a poor decision due to non integer steps on z.

What did you end up going with @Eclsnowman I didn’t see them in the bom

@Joe_Spanier sorry I edited my first comment, must have been while you were typing. see above.

Awesome. Thanks. Ive been putting together an order lisr

@Joe_Spanier hope you try an arm based board. I really want to see this thing sing. Also I would go for higher torque 1.8 degree steppers than the wanati 0.9 I used. I see robodigg has some beefy ones I am interested in http://www.robotdigg.com/product/29/Nema17-60mm-1.5A-high-torque-stepper-motor

Im planning on using the 2 amp 82oz/in motors from mass drop. For the controller I have an azteegX3 and a Cramps 2.1. Ones going on the Core build and ones going on this build. Just gotta decide which is which.

Both are good. I love my azteeg. I am just running into throughput issues at warp speed on the 2560 in the Azteeg. Plus running 32 microsteps and 0.9deg motors doesn’t help.

But to be honest in actual printing conditions I have more issues with my airtripper being able to keep up without shredding filament at high speeds than I do my controller.

One thing to check is the larger nemas might give you issues for the z stepper on the Eustathios. The motor runs shaft down and I dont think the bottom cover plate will fit. May need to make a cutout in that plate for clearance.

The CRAMPS is 32bit with the beaglebone, so Im hoping to take advantage of some of that power. Im planning to run 1/32 for the microsteps as well, Im hoping that will help with noise.