Cutting a few more of the new Tria Delta plates.

Cutting a few more of the new Tria Delta plates. I am starting to find settings my @SMW3D ​ R7 CNC really likes using a 1/8" single flute Kyocera Tycom upcut carbide endmills in 5052 aluminum.

Speed: 1150mm/min
DOC: 0.3mm
Spindle RPM: 24000

I had been breaking endmills in the past with slower-feed/slower-spindle/deeper-DOC. This particular endmill seems to like running faster and lighter instead.

I should mention “new” just means the new ones for me. I don’t want to presume these would become the defacto “new” ones in Alex’s main github. That’s for him to decide of course.

I also have had great success the last few days printing with these, and at high speed (120mm/s Atomic Filament Blue PETG) with no issues. So I will generate a pull request tonight to put them in a user mods folder for the Tria.

Good stuff. I don’t think my 300w DC spindle could keep up.

Man that’s some fast cutting, really jealous here man!

@raykholo yeah, the extra power is nice. But the 1.5kw water cooled spindle and 240v 1ph inverter I bought was overkill in hindsight. I am almost always profile cutting sheet stock with small endmills, not hogging with a huge endmills or anything. So the 800w version Brandon sells is likely the sweet spot if small OD endmills are going to be used.

@Alex_Lee I learned most of my CNC knowledge from @Brandon_Satterfield ​ and You Alex. So thank you!

That’s the same endmill I have in right now I cut the locating ring off one of mine to get it further in the collet and have less flex in my endmill

@Alex_Krause I do the same :slight_smile: