Cutting 240 micron acetate sheet with a 10w laser?

I want to cut 240 micron clear acetate sheet to make things like cockpits, windows and insect wings.

Normally it’d use a cricut for this, but I’m unhappy with the finish that it leaves as the cutting blade isn’t very good at doing inside corners and rebates as it can only cut to the minimum with of the blade.

Is it something that I could do on a laser cutter?

Specifically an laser master 3 with a 10w laser?

I can generate the files needed to do the cut but I’m unfamiliar with the capability of the hardware and its limitations.

Will I need to buy tinted acetate or stain it for cutting, and what are the best settings to use?

Doing it with a craft knife is a choor.

Visible lasers like this generally don’t cut things that are visibly clear. Many clear substances are at least partially opaque to far infrared, which is why a CO2 laser can, for example, cut clear acrylic. But if the blue laser would shine through the acetate, it wouldn’t cut it. And I would expect that it would.

I think that lasers that can cut cellulose acetate (like CO2 lasers) may be harmed by resulting acetic acid. I don’t know whether this is real or only legend though.